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Premium Autographed Displays

These Premium Autographed Film Cell Displays are the perfect collectable for fans and collectors worldwide. Many are historic/deceased or rare autographs and are considered great investments with values increasing annually. There is also quick resale opportunities as they are some of the most desired autographs among collectors.

Hand Made and of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Framed with a premium quality black acrylic frame. The display contains perspex on the front and rear of the display for optimum viewing of the film cells. The Certificate of Authenticity is mounted under the perspex on the rear side of the display for safe keeping.

Complete with 7 hand selected original and authentic 35mm film cells and 8x10 inch hand signed Autographed Photo. This item comes with our Letter of Unconditional Guarantee which provides details of the Autograph contained within the display. A unique serial number prismatic tamper proof hologram are also used within the display, with matching numbered hologram on the letter of Unconditional Guarantee.